IO Writes

Hi all!!, i would like to be able to use all my inputs/outpusts of my Q2687.

Does anyone knows what steps do i have to do to configure and read the states of them?. I would like to write them too. Thank u so much!!.


Have you looked in the ADL and AT guides? Or at the samples?

Section 22 of the AT commands guide (AT+WIOM etc), and section 3.10 of the ADL user guide are good starting points.

Also look in the Product Technical Specs (available on the developer website) for details of the voltage levels required for the GPIO. Pay close attention to these details, otherwise you will kill your module.

ciao, Dave

Just to echo that: the IOs work at 2.8V or 1.8V - not 3.0V nor 3.3V and certainly not 5V :exclamation: