Problems using GPIOs.


Good afternoon everyone, im trying to use some GPIO as outputs and inputs but im recieving a PARAM_ERROR when i suscribe them.

This is the code, but i dont know what im doing wrong. Im using a Q2867Hclassic whith the R74 Firmware.
I really need some help here, thanks a lot.

adl_ioDefs_t IODet1 = ( ADL_IO_GPIO | 20 ) | ADL_IO_DIR_IN | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH  ; //I need GPIO 20

adl_ioDefs_t IODet2 = ( ADL_IO_GPIO | 7 ) | ADL_IO_DIR_IN | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH ;//I need GPIO 7

adl_ioDefs_t Simsel = ( ADL_IO_GPIO | 32 ) | ADL_IO_DIR_OUT | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH ;//I need GPIO 32

adl_ioDefs_t Simpres =( ADL_IO_GPIO | 18 ) | ADL_IO_DIR_IN | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH ;//I need GPIO 18

adl_ioDefs_t Out18V = ( ADL_IO_GPIO | 4 ) | ADL_IO_DIR_OUT | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH ;//I need GPIO 4



I found another error in my code, now the anser im recieveing is ADL_RET_ERR_DONE. I dont know how to handle this error. But the library said that i should refer to adl_ioError_e struct.

Can anyone help me please??


Did you?


I dont have the documentation to do that but ive found the problem!.

The problem was that i was trying to suscribe pins who was being used by the Keypas. So, with the AT+WHCNF=0,0 command i dissabled the KEYPAD pins.

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Of course you do - it’s all in the ADL User Guide!


I couldnt find the newest guide. Could you mind give me the link?.

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