Q26Extreme power consumption


Hi all,

Has anyone measured the average current draw/consumption of the Q26Extreme? The manual says that it should be between 27.6 & 32.8mA @VBATT=3.8V for idle mode, but I seem to be getting twice that.



If the module is idle, the UART interface should be disabled so as to reduce the current consumption.Just try out these steps and check the current consumption

  1. issue AT+WIND=255 [activate the WIND indication]
  2. waif for +WIND: 4 [initialization has been completed]
  3. pull the DTR pin to high (in view of the module) - This is to disable the UART interface
  4. Now check the current consumption.

Anyways which firmware are you using?? There was a known issue like this before but i guess that has been fixed in the latest firmware version(7.45).



Thanks Paruthiv, yes we found after a lot of testing the V7.42 has an issue with power consumption. It is not there in V7.4a or 7.44