Power Consumption Q2686H


Does anyone made some current-measurements of the Q2686? On my development kit I can measure 33mA in Idle-Mode (UART1 activated, no Open AT is running), 15 mA (UART1 is shut off, UART2 is activated) and less than 1mA (burst not measured) in W32K-Mode. All peripherals are feeded from an other power supply. Although I think these values are realistic my distributor has measured values in the normal Idle-Mode which are less than 10 mA (Uart1 is running). What I made wrong?

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Have you used UART2 without the level shifter? (connected to the pins on the starter kit) Because those IC’s power consumption is not low.

Bye the way you were right, in the documentation 17-18 mA is stated in fast idle mode (connected to network, no outgoing user traffic, no OAT processing).

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Hi Tom,

thanks for your response! Yes, the UART2 is used without level shifter. Only the current used by Q2686 is measured.

But in which documentation the value of 17mA is stated?

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