STK "SMS Failed" problem! Need Urgent Help!!!

I developed a small application in VB6 & also Java for SIM Application Toolkit. I developed & tested the application using 'Q2406H, module. It works great with this module; but when I use ‘Fastrack Supreme 10 (Q2687H)’ the application fails to work.
I have done a 100 trial runs on Hyperterminal with both the modems before concluding that it is definately an issue with the Supreme 10 modem.
I have configured the Supreme 10 modem with AT+STSF=2,“FFFFFFFF7F01005F3E”,6,1 command. Yes, I also activated it by issuing AT+STSF=1 & then rebooting with AT+CFUN=1

Here 's what actually happens when I try to ‘Check Balance’ (Menu item of the SIMs STK);
I start with the STK Main Menu : AT+STGI=0
I keep moving through the menus till I Get the +STGI: 3,5,“Stock Balance”,0 option.
Then I issue: AT+STGR=6,1,3
Modem responds: +STIN: 3
+STGI: 0,0,3,6,0,“PIN”

Then the following interaction takes place: AT+STGR=3,1
> 135
+STIN: 9
+STGI: “Sending SMS”
+STIN: 1

+STGI: 0,“SMS Failed”,0
+STIN: 99

If I do the same thing with Q2406H, the message is sent successfuly, for which I also get a response.

Please HELP ME OUT!!!

I have a similar problem. when I try to send SMS-es from the STK, every 3-4 sending is successful, and then some fails, then some successful again.

successful log:

"..+STIN: 9.." 
"at+stgi=9...+STGI: ""....OK.."

failed log:

"..+STIN: 9.." 
"at+stgi=9...+STGI: ""....+STCR: 0....OK.."

I get this mystical “STCR: 0”, which by the documentation, means that SMS Control rejected the message. On the SIM there is no SMS control application, it isn’t even allocated or activated in the Service Table.

I would really appreciate if someone has a solution for this.

*** edit ***
ok now i am sure this is the same problem. if i set Autoresponse to 1 in STSF, then the message sending fails without the +STCR: 0 indication.
If i upload a small STK applet to the sim to handle the MO SMS Control requests and always reply with 0x9000, the SMS sending is always successful. note that it is not an option for production SIMs…
seems to be a firmware bug, please somebody at wavecom send a workaround for it.