Short message transfer rejected

I have an Fastrack Xtend fxt009 and it is working perfectly with a SIM from vodaphone.

When I use a different SIM this time from Telstra (I am in Australia) I get an error when sending along the lines of

[10:50:38] Read response: [+CMS ERROR: 21]
[10:50:38] SendSms result: [36186: Short message transfer rejected]

The same sim works in a different device… any clues ?

Can anyone assist or direct me on this ?


Have you got the module set up correctly for the telstra network? You might have to change the message service center number that the module uses to send sms messages to the network. Mostly the module should read this from the sim, but occasionally this doesn’t work and you have to set the network parameters manually.

I haven’t got the at commands guide handy so I can’t tell you what the command is off the top of my head.

Will see if I can find it when I get into the office tomorrow.

Ciao, Dave


Check that your Service Center Address (SMSC) is correct using AT+CSCA

On a modem I have here on a telstra sim I get the following:

+CSCA: "+61418706700",145


Check your SMS service number in case it hasn’t been changed when you changed telcos.

ciao, Dave

Thanks so much for your help David. Cheers


No problems. Glad that it’s working for you now.

ciao, Dave