Remote Fastracks Can't Send SMS

I have a couple of dozen Fastrack units deployed around the country.
They are supposed to receive requests in SMS messages, gather some data, and send the results back in a response SMS message.

A few of them are failing to respond.

I get the +CDS: delivery status report from the network, saying that the request messages are delivered.

The units accept incoming data calls OK - which has allowed me to download an updated Open-AT Application whith additional diagnostics.

From the diagnostics on one of the “faulty” units, I can see that it is, in fact, receiving the requests and attempting to send a reply, but receiving a -8 result code from adl_smsSend - ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE.
This means “initialisation not done yet”

On the test unit I have before me (which is working correctly), the sequence of SIM events on startup is:

The diagnostics on the faulty unit show the last SIM event as 5 - ADL_SIM_EVENT_PIN_OK.

So, what happens between ADL_SIM_EVENT_PIN_OK and ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT?
Would this cause adl_smsSend to return ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE?

What can I do about this, without having to visit the sites?
(the closest is a couple of hours away).

BTW: the +WIND:1 (SIM inserted), +WIND:4 (Ready for all AT commands), and +WIND:10,“SM”,0,“ON”,0,“EN”,0 (phonebook reload) indications are received OK.

As this could be more to do with the SIM than the Fastrack, I have cross-posted in the SIM section: … php?p=3241

Or perhaps not.

This problem occurs when the unit reboots and there is an unfinalised A&D obect (this happens when a download started, but failed to complete).

Because it is possible that a a download could be started, but fail to complete, my startup code detects this, deletes the cell and formats the A&D volume.

Thus the question is now: why should this cause all subsequent adl_smsSend calls to fail?

The adl_smsSubscribe function returns no error.

So now it’s a cross-post to the A&D Storage forum: … php?p=3332

well i experience that we can not send any sms previus to SIMFULLINIT,

(this is logical since the service center adress to send the sms is stored in the sim)

if you try to send it you will receive an ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE and the modem will need to be restarted

if you have troubles getting the SIMFULLINIT event, you can try using adl_simGetState() and take some actions if it really it does not happend.

Actually, the SIM_FULL_INIT event was being received - see: … php?p=3241

In fact, I suspect that this is not the cause of the problem at all, but just another symptom of the same problem.

The underlying problem seems to be something to do with the presence of an unfinalised A&D obect at startup - and the question remains, why should this cause all subsequent adl_smsSend calls to fail?