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Good evening,

I am a beginner with m2m studio and would like to start programming my wireless CPU(Q2687), i have the development kit, but i have no idea how to start. Are there user guides regarding the programming? Like for instance, where do i find the header files so that i can have a look at what functions are built in already and to see the code.

Right now i want to connect my LCD to the board, which brings me to another question, what is the best way to connect the LCD to the board without using solder? I then want to write words to the LCD as my first task to practice the programming. Please help me find what i need to get started!!



Hi Janelda,

You can use samples provided by Wavecom. When M2M studio is installed, all ADL samples are available. You can create a new project by using M2M studio: in project explorer, right click mouse, and select new/project/Open AT Project (type the project name)/next/next, and then drop sample ComboBox and select a sample… I think your distributor can help you to start Q2687 programming.

For LCD, it may need 4 to 12 IO pins dependent on type of the LCD. Serial LCD uses less IO pins and is easier to use, but expensive. You may read your LCD datasheet and figure out what commands you have to use. ADL has no build-in API (driver) for LCD, but you can ask your distributor’s help.


When you firs start M2MStudio, it opens the “Welcome” page with four boxes on it:

  • Discover the Open-AT Concept. If you’re enw to the world of emedd M2M product development or processors that include wireless then this is the place to start
  • First setps with M2M Sudio
  • Discover Open-AT APIs
  • Release Note

They are hot-links - click them to find our more…!



am new for the M2M Studio. I have done with the installation. I have no idea how to use this and i am trying going thru the help files but i would like to get some sample code which will make me more comfort will any one help me. Expecting ur consideration

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Hi janelda

for lcd interface why dont u try using serial to parallel convertor ic which support i2c. It should work since i have done with it for product, its simple, cheap. The wavecom supports i2c interface too. I think no big deal.



or you can pick the right product…
the q2687 has a parallel port for this purpose


Isn’t there a sample included in the SDK that uses I2C and an I2C IO chip to drive an LCD…?


nope, just external storage, but after you understand how to use I2C, driving another chip is almost trivial


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