M2MStudio and Q24Plus

Hey guys, I have checked the forum and saw that M2MStudio supports Q24. It also look awesome compared to the old ways. I downloaded the complete install, ran it, selected Q24Plus, installed, updated, made new project based on hello world sample and… found I can not produce valid dwls, not use any debug - neither rte nor target works. Then I noticed it is using Q26 sdk instead… reinstalled to new location - same story. Now running the light installer, but is there any way to make it work with Q24?

Edit: light installer - same story

you will need to import the correct firmware version for your modem
(you can import the SDK you were using from before you installed M2M studio)

Cheer mate, that worked great

hi dude,

me also had same problem. 8)
thanks for the post.