New Q2687 user


I am a new user of the Q2687 wireless processor, I have the developement board. But as it is the first time that I am using these hardware and software, I am really struggeling and do not know how to begin. Can anyone please help me with any links or tutorials or anything with any of the components(M2M, OpenAt or the hardware). Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

So you must, presumably, have got it from a Distributor?

You should speak to your Distributor about technical assistance in getting started - training, seminars, consultancy, etc…

The Welcome Page of M2MStudio (press the little house icon) has four panels on it:

  • Discover the Open AT Concept
  • First steps with M2M Studio
  • Discover Open AT APIs
  • Release Notes

Have you explored them - especially the first three?