Starter Kit V5.0 - I can´t connect to Q24+

I have a Wismo Starter Kit V5.0 with Q24* with Sim Holder.
I haven´t the original cable for connect to my pc, but i try connect with straight cable.
Db9 to Db9, pin 1 to pin 1
pin 2 to pin 2
pin 3 to pin 3
pin 4 to pin4 , etc.
With the Hyperterminal setting, 115200,8,N,1 Hardware Control, the module not responding.
Sorry for my English.


Have you tried to use another Q24, I’m saying this because I’ve received one Q24 that not responded same as your issue, and another function normally.


Thanks by the answer.
I haven´t another module at the moment, I am testing the DLWWin for upload the firmware.

The problem has been solutioned, the starter kit haved problem in the RS232 channel.

Hi Caper,

I encounter the similar problem now. I just got a starter kit and am trying to have the first test using the hyperterminal. But my PC just could not connect to the kit. How did you identify the RS232 problem and how did you sort it out?

Thanks for sharing your experience in advance.