Start Barrier fail with CME ERROR 806


I play with wipsoft and the sample from the manual.
All AT CMDS respondig with OK but the last commad
AT+WIPBR=4,6,0 returns the error code 806.
Can anybody tell me the reason for this code ??



I think you mean “Bearer” - not “Barrier” :question:

For a start, look up that code in the WIPSoft documentation to find its meaning…


Thanks for your reply, but the WIPSoft documentation says:
“The operation on the desired Bearer is not allowed”
What does it mean?



It means exactly what it says: you have attempted to perform some operation (specified by AT+WIPBR=4,6,0), and that operation is not allowed (ie, not permitted; forbidden) on the specific Bearer that you are using.

It could just be that the operation is inappropriate or not applicable for the specific Bearer that you are using; eg, using a phone number with a GPRS connection…

You need to look carefully at what operation(s), exactly, is/are performed by AT+WIPBR=4,6,0 - and think about why they might not be allowed on the specific Bearer that you are using.

You might need to check with your Service Provider about any restrictions due to your particular subscription…

You should also talk to your local Wavecom Distributor - as they should be familiar with the available networks in your location…


ok let me take a last questiion.
i have a wince device with an internal modem. ( Q2686H )
If i use RAS Dial all works fine. i can make a gprs connectionn. ( the same provider , the same sim card )
So i use the sample in the wipsoft manual to make a connection.
All AT Cmds working fine except the AT+WIPBR=4,6,0.

So i already contacted my distributor but i have not yet a response.

Could this rely on the +WCFM command?