Stand alone DS install & JRE


Just had to do a stand-alone DS install on a new laptop, and ran into some issues with the Oracle JRE.

I started with a clean PC - Win7 x64 fully patched, nothing else installed.

I grabbed the latest full installer (2.52.A1) from the Dev Zone (Source) and ran the installer. It kicked off an error about requiring a JRE. Fair enough.

So I head off to to download the latest JRE - which happens to be JRE8. Install, and retry the DS install. DS install then throws up an error that Java 1.7 is required. So back to to find JRE7 - and there’s a giant notice indicating that JRE7 is now End Of Life and no further updates will be posted as of April 2015.

A couple of points:

  1. Anyone who requires a off-line full installer for DS should also drag down a copy of the appropriate JRE from Oracle.
  2. Is there going to be a full installer that runs against JRE8? (I know that this depends somewhat on the upstream Eclipse packages as well).

ciao, Dave

Talking about Windows, depending on if you plan to use Open AT or Legato, you need to use either a 32bits JRE (for Open AT) or a 64bits JRE (Legato).
Indeed, in Open AT there are interoperability bugs with the serial link lib on USB, in the 64bits version, and that’s why we’re only providing a DS version compatible with a 32bits JVM.

If the installer warns you that it doesn’t find a JVM, even with Java 8 installed, it probably because you installed a 64bits Java 8 JRE.
DS and the installers are already compatible with Java 8.