Installing Open AT Software on Windows7 and vista platform


HI All,

I am unable to install the Open AT software on Windows 7 platform.

Steps followed

  1. Installed jre-6u21-windows-i586-s( Java runtime environment).
  2. Tried to install Sierra_Wireless_Software_Suite_v2-34_Full_Installer
    Neither the installation proceeds nor an error is raised, the screen shows initializing.

Please let me know if any thing else needs to be done for these two platforms.

No problem was observed with winxp, sp2.



If you’re running a 64 bits system, you should make sure that the JRE you’ve installed is the 32 bits edition, and not the 64 bits one…


It appears that this still applies to the Suite v2.5.1 :question:

The v2.5.1 SiWi installer now does at least give a message saying that a JRE is required - but it does not state that it must be a 32-bit JRE! :unamused:


Yes it’s still true.
We’re looking forward to either handle 64bits VM, or add a warning message in the installer.


There is already a message - it’s just that it doesn’t make clear that it must be a 32-bit JRE.


Sorry to have been unclear, that’s what I was meaning: add a warning message stating that a 32 bits VM is necessary.