SPI on SL808xT


Inconsistent documentation:
The PTS (rev 7.0) lists SPI clock minimum 0.102 MHz and maximum 26MHz.
The ADL User Guide for SL808xT (version 3.0) sets a minimum SPI clock limit as 0.96MHz.

Missing data:
The SPI Waveforms section of the PTS does not indicate what delay there is between CS and CLK. Should indicate the delay for both dedicated SPI-CS and GPIO as CS.

Other missing data:
Delays between Opcode, Address and Data for adl_busRead/adl_busWrite.
That there is a delay between them is no problem, and is actually desired for our use, since the hardware that is being interfaced with needs time to prepare between each.

Other comments/questions:
Are there any plans to support full duplex operation (with associated api changes)?
5 SPI clock values is rather inflexible… Any plans to change this?
Is the hardware capable of slave mode operation and it’s just not supported by the software?



There are some issues with the PTS.PTS will be modified soon with new release.