SL8082T - SPI latency


There seems to be a latency issue with the SL8082T SPI bus service OAT library

The attached file is an example I captured on the SL8 SPI port - using the SPI sample (either sync or async methods have same issue).
with command at+read=FFFF,32 // no address with a byte opcode write followed by 32 byte read

[attachment=0]SL8082T SPI CS to CS.png[/attachment]

[attachment=1]SL8082T SPI 1 byte opcode and 32byte read .png[/attachment]

The clock speed is ~16MHz

The CE is low for 0.377ms

Between the write end and the read start is a delay of 0.198ms
Between the read finish and chip select high there is a delay of 0.15ms
I modified the sample to send multiple reads - one after the other. There is a 1.16ms delay between the 1st CS high and the next 2nd CS low.

These are very long delays

  • why is this?
  • is there anything I can do to reduce them?

The inter-byte read delay is low <0.16us

Thanks in advance


images are not visible. please post again…

Looks like this forum bug again: <-- maybe not fixed…?


The files view fine on my machine so I suspect there is some issue with the forum - as a workaround the images are available here

SL8082T SPI 1 byte opcode and 32byte read .png

SL8082T SPI CS to CS.png

This is using current released FW
S4_1_0_21AP R2371 CNSHZ-ED-XP0031 2014/11/27