SPI Characteristics


I’m looking for a M2M module, and got my eye on the AirPrime Sl808x, only problem is that i do not have access to USB on my embedded platform and 230 kbps is simply too slow. Luckily a spi peripheral is available, but i cannot seem to find any details on this in the datasheet other than the voltage levels and the pinout.
Could somebody shed some light on some more information about the clock speed?

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You find this information in the PTS:


26MHz is the maximum clock speed.

According to the PTS (Rev 8.3), the 230k limit applies only to SL808xT and SL808xBT:

Thank you kindly. I had not seen that document yet. Is there any more documentation about the SPI? Considering 4mb is not fast enough, and the spi speed is sufficient.
Is this for AT-Commands as well?

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No, I don’t think AT Commands are supported over SPI.

IF you use one of the Open-AT modules (the ‘T’ suffix), you could probably have an app get commands from SPI, get them executed, and then pass the results back to SPI…