[SL8092] uart1 speed


I have a question concerning the datarate of the usart1 interface of the SL8092 module.
The datasheet says (section 4.5) that the module supports speeds up to 4 Mbps.
If I ask the module with AT+IPR=?, it answers with
+IPR: (),(300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200,230400)

It seems that it supports a maximum baudrate of only 230400 bps.
How can I get the promised 4 Mbps?

Thanks in advance,

I believe you’ll have to go through your FAE to get modules that support 4Mbps.

From what I was told previously, it should be possible to unlock up to 921600bps through command somehow, but that 4Mbps support would only be available if configured for that at factory.

Hi Tobias,

thank you for the hint.

In our application we can not use the USB interface, but we need high datarates in the order of Mbit/s. So we looked for a module which supports UART baudrates as high as possible and found this one.
That it doesn’t support 4Mbps out of the box as mentioned in the datasheet is highly unpreferable.

Du you know the AT-command to get at least 921600bps?

I do not know the command to enable higher speeds.
I’m not even certain that it’s a regular AT-command.
I can only recommend that you go through your FAE to find out more about this.

That’s a Q26 with 663_09gg.FSU002 1955080 080207 16:01 firmware

Again, you really need to speak to your FAE or Distributor about this