Source Controling with Developer Studio

I am using Developer Studio v1.2.0.
Previously, i used Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to build my application. Now i have switched to Developer Studio. Previously i could use Visual Source Safe 6.0 for source controlling such as checking in and out source files. But now i can not find anything to use Visual Source Safe with Developer Studio.

Is there a way to use Visual Source Safe with Developer Studio? Or what do you recommend me about using source controlling?


DS by default provides support for CVS or SVN by integrating the official Eclipse plug-ins.
As DS is based on Eclipse, it is compatible with Eclipse plug-ins, so a quick search on Eclipse + VSS support should help you.
Seams to be one Eclipse plug-in for VSS, you should give a try:

Hi daav,

I am not familiar with Eclips Platform. I checked your link and tried to apply the VSS plug-in. I downloaded and unzipped the VSS Plug-in into the Developer Studio’s Plug-in directory but it didnt work.

The web site says the plug-in requires Eclips 3.3 SDK. But i dont know which Eclipse version my Developer Studio uses. How can i learn that? So i can try to apply right version of the VSS Plug-in.


DS 1.2.0 is based on Eclipse 3.6.1, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue: I made the try and successfully installed the VSS plug-in (even on Linux!)
Actually, you have to extract the zip content in the dropins directory (not the plugins one) and to restart DS. From there, the plug-in should be installed.

Hi daav,

My disk has not got “dropins” directory on “/Program Files/Sierra Wireless/Developer Studio” location. So i created a new directory named “dropins” in the location. I extracted the zip file and copied “org.vssplugin_1.6.2” directory into the “dropins” directory. Restarted Developer Studio but the plug-in is not loaded.

What is the wrong?


Mmm, seems that DS is wrongly handling plug-ins installation in dropins directory (while Eclipse is running fine with it). We’ve logged a bug for that.

Hi Daav,
What is the current stuation about this bug? Is it fixed or not? Where can i follow DS’s bugs?
Thank you.

Actually there is no bug: after some investigation, we found that VSS plug-in is depending on Java Development Environment. You need first to install Java Development Environment in Developer Studio, and then, the VSS plug-in is recognized when deployed in the “dropins” directory.

By the way, we’ve not opened any public issue tracking solution for DS… yet… (it’s not a definitely closed point)

Thanks for information. But could you provide more details?
I am new to Developer studio (Eclipse) so can you write a few steps on how to install Java Development Environment onto Developer studio.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Go to Help > Install New Software
Select Developer Studio update site in the combo list
Uncheck all checkboxes at the bottom left
Type “java” as filter text, in order to find “Eclipse Java Development Tools” in the list.
Check it, click next, follow the steps, and that’s it…

I’ve been messing with Install New Software but wrong repositories.
I’ll try this!