why i can't find the svn function in the developer studio 3

as the topic.
may i use a wrong install package?


You need to install a SVN plugin into Dev Studio. Dev Studio is based on Eclipse and is extensible via various 3rd party plugins that provide extra functionality. In fact, Dev Studio is itself a collection of plugins on top of Eclipse.

There are a few SVN plugins for eclipse … google is your friend for both finding them and getting the appropriate installation instructions…

Ciao, Dave

Just to complete Dave words (which are completely correct :wink: ), it’s true that in DS 2, we used to bundle CVS and SVN utilities, but we removed that from DS 3.
Principally to not bother end users that doesn’t use these systems with useless plug-ins, knowing that it is still possible to install them after on top of DS if you really need them.