Sonicwall VPN working

I’m using a Sierra Wireless RV50 with the LATEST FIRMWARE on Verizon (no static IP, I’m using DDNS). The Sonicwall is an NSA 4600 with somewhat recent (a few months old?) firmware of SonicOS Enhanced

A few things to note
-I’m only a few hours into a stable connection - no idea if it will stay up for long periods of time
-the latest (as of September 26 2017) firmware for the Sierra Wireless RV50 was important. Until I updated the firmware from 4.8 to 4.8.1 I could only get the VPN to stay up for about 2 minutes before it failed. I also updated the radio firmware at the same time (no idea if this is important)
-There’s certainly a better way to do this. I’m not a pro but it’s working and I’ve seen a few others struggling with this. If anyone comes up with a better collection of settings, please fill us in.

DDNS > On the RV50, Services: DDNS: pick “IP Manager” and then
Device Name: whatever-you-want1
IP Manager Server 1:
…which makes your modem’s URL

On the sonicwall, you need to create the modem’s LAN so go to Network: Address Objects: and add a LAN network with the LAN info of the RV50.

RV50 settings:
the VPN gateway address of would be the WAN of your sonicwall
the Remote Address of would be the LAN of your sonicwall

Sonicwall 1 of 4

Sonicwall 2 of 4

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Sonicwall 3 of 4

Sonicwall 4 of 4

Update: The link has not stayed up for 24 hours - at least in an idle state. There are probably a few (poor) work arounds like scheduling modem reboots but it isn’t great. I’ve got other projects calling so I’m not sure I’ll be able to put much more time into fine tuning the settings.

If anyone else has an alternative set up with a reliable constant link (or reliably initiated link) then please post.