Need to pass all traffice through to diferant firewall

We are tring to get RV50x to pass all traffic through to a SonicWall Firewall, while we can get the RV50x to pass onthe ip address that is issued, we cannot ping the Sonicwall, (have we have tried dmz set to automatic) set a allowed ip address, cant ping or get to the web interface of the sonicwall) We are tring to use the netextender on the Sonicwall.

Hi @Randall,

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If you want to pass traffic from RV50X to a device, you can refer to the Port Forwarding section on page 190 of the Software Configuration Guide at the following link:—configuration-guide/

“we cannot ping the Sonicwall” → Please carefully check the firewall rules that may be blocking ping traffic on the Sonicwall device.