[SOLVED] GX400, SMS and "SIM-Card full"

We’re having a problem with SMS and GX400.

We’ve configured the GX400 to be a SMS-gateway. That works great. We’re running firmware 4.3.5.

However… sometimes the SIM-card get full, for unknown reasons.
When the SIM-card is full, we don’t get any SMS sent to us.

We’ve tried to send commands using the telnet interface.
The AT+CMGL AT+CMGD etc doesn’t work, they are “NOT SUPPORTED” .

Is it possible to reset the sms-queue in the SIM-card with a command?


Sounds like the SMS message is not being removed from the SIM card. Can you reproduce the problem with the latest verion of Aleos? The verison 4.3.5 that you are using is pretty dated. Update to the latest release, 4.4.2 and see if it helps.

We’ve upgraded one GX400 to 4.4.2.
Problem seems to be solved.

We dont’know if it was the upgrade operation itself or
changes in the SMS-handling code that “cleared the queue”.

Hope this helps others with the same problem.