So.... I wanna get a widget, but have no idea what I should get

I have a Dell table that can accept an mini PCI-E card, and I’d like to get a GPS/WWAN card for it. I’m mostly interested in the GPS functionality, but WWAN is good too. 4G LTE is fine, as that’s what’s in my area. Used is fine, and eBay has various cards for $10 or so, which is great because I can buy multiples.

Do these cards rely on the WWAN radio for GPS, or do they use the sattelites? My primary use-case is mapping where there is no cell signal (or spotty coverage), so I definitely want to get a card that will use the satellites, not the cell network.

Sierra AirPrime MC7700 is on ebay for like $8, will that do what I want? I don’t see a spot for a SIM card, how does that work?

i think it can use only the satellites without the network by AT!GPSSATINFO command