Mp 595 W, trying to configure

So I am trying to configure some old Sierra Wireless MP 595W cellular modem. Honestly, I just upgraded to some new GX450s and am attempting to pull the GPS config from these old units to put into the new ones. Unfortunately, I have hit a few road blocks. I have installed 3G Watcher as indicated but the program can never see that the modem is connected (it says ‘no device detected’), I have tried it plugged in through Ethernet to Ethernet, usb to usb, and Ethernet to serial (modem to computer). I was wondering if there were perhaps some drivers that I should install besides the ones the 3G watcher program installs on its own, but no one carries drivers for this model, not even sierra wireless. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am kind of desperate at this point.

So it means both MP595W and GX450 Are not detecting?

Which watcher are you used? Can you share the version information?