SL9090 CDMA Verizon provisioning

I am using SL9090 with a Linux host controller for M2M Applications, And I would like to know the procedure for provisioning the module for Verizon network on CDMA module.

Can someone please guide me to proper documentation to be reffered regarding this query? Any feedback regarding the procedure to provision the module for CDMA Verizon network, and verifying whether device has been successfully provisioned will me much appreciated.


when u connect the module using watcher… it should ask for manual or automatic activation.
Select manual activation mode and enter the subsidy lock provided by your network provider (call them and tell your module details… they should provide the lock)

Then reset the module… it should be working now i guess…

Share the results…


Thanks rex for the reply…

I would appreciate if you can give me the AT commands to enable this. As I am using this for an M2M application, I do not have facility for Voice on my device.

Also, I am not familiar with the term “watcher”… if you mean a serial terminal like Hyperterminal, or tera term, then yes, that is what I am using, if not, can you please specify where I can get this tool. Also, I would appreciate if you pint me towards some documentation I can refer, to get through the provisioning procedure? I beliwve that would save both of us some time, and especially you, some irritation from having to answer silly questions… :slight_smile:



Watcher is a tool which you have to go and get it from your FAE or distributor.
If you dont have FAE/Distributor, lemme know.