SL8082T - Reboot issue


I am using sl8082t modem with frescale’s IMX6 solo processor in our custom board.
If i turn on the modem , the entire board reboots after some time.
After restarting the board for 4 to 5 attempts reboot is not happening.
Also the reboot occurs only if the SIM card is present.
If the modem is not turned on, or if the SIM card is removed, I am not facing any reboot issues.

As far I have analysed the board gets rebooted on any one of this situation.

=> 30 to 40 seconds after power-on-sequence is passed to the modem.
=> If I attempt to transfer any file to FTP server.
=> If I make a call more than 2 to 3 times.
=> If I send a message ( rare occasions)

Please Guide me solve these issue.



Check that your power supply meets the specs for the SL8082T.

It sounds like your power supply is drooping below the reset threshold of your cpu when the modem is doing radio network operations - which is why things are OK when the sim is not inserted (I. E. The modem is still waiting to initialize the radio stack when the sim is missing).

Ciao, Dave

Thanks for your reply.
I will check it out