Mp895 reboots

Hi there.

I’m working on a project involving an MP895 4G router.

Ive had it online ones, untill:
Now when it starts up, it lites on, but after a few seconds it starts rebooting, and contentious to do so.

  • This is only with the SIM card installed and with the antenna plugged in. When unplugged and without SIM card it boots normally.

Just before it started rebooting it said it was online in the GUI webinterface, and we managed to text it with an sms, but it was never online on any of the test machines, using their internet.

Ive tried the different interfaces, softwares and ive done a firmware update.

I’m I doing something wrong? :slight_smile: or do i maybe have a broken unit?

Thank you and have a very lovely day.

Friendly regards:
Esben Frese.

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