SL8082 - usb and classic serial interface


SL8082 has usb and uart interface - what are possibilities of using serial iface to connect the modem to embedded system.

  1. Are there any drivers for that connection?
  2. Is it possible as concerns bandwidth?
  3. Does the firmware supports such iface?

This idea comes because I suppose that usb host iface in my system is faulty (whole processor family can have hw bug in usb host subsystem).


What, exactly, do you mean by, “embedded system” :question:

Embedded Systems cover a vast spectrum from tiny microcontrollers to Windows & linux-based PCs :exclamation:

However, serial interfaces (“RS232”) must be one of the most common found in embedded systems of all shapes and sizes!

That depends on what, exactly, you mean by, “embedded system” :exclamation:

That depends on what bandwidth you require. The Product Technical Specification (PTS) will tell you the maximum serial port speed - you should be able to work from there…

Which firmware - the SL8082, or the “embedded system”?

The SL8082 certainly does.