SL6087 with XM0110 doesn't start correctly

Hi all,

I am programming with SL6087 demo kit with XM0110 GPS plug board.
I have the latest version of SL6087 firmware kit e.g. 7.51 and latest version of location library e.g. 1.5.1

I have compiled succesfully the Extended AT Command application to use the GPS AT commands and downloaded on the board.

What’s happening is the correct response to AT+GPSINIT and after, when I post the command AT+GPSSTART, after few seconds I receive


I tried in several ways (COLD START, FACTORY COLD START…) without any difference, and I also augmented the stack size up to 32K for COM task and 64K for CORE task, but nothing changed.

hence a failure of the command.

Is there anyone that can suggest me anything to correctly start the GPS environment?

Many thanks in advance.

Make sure all the jumpers on the XM dev board match your init configurations (for example, if you select UART2, make sure the jumpers are set to UART). What LED’s are on on the XM dev board?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

The jumpers are all according with selected configuration and specification of user manual.
In the specific all the uart are ON.

The first led of power supply is always lighted (fix light)
When I perform the AT+GPSINIT the second led (GPS STate) is on (fix light)
When I try to start GPS (AT+GPSSTART) the third led (XM0110) turns on (fix light) and the second one start blinking.
As I receive the error message the third led turns off and the second one returns fix.

You’re right, it is a jumper issue, but on the SL6087 demo board instead of XM extension one.
Selecting UART2 for communication modem-xm, I must select OFF position on button jumper on UART2, making it available not for the external port on the board, but for the XM extension

Hello, i am new with Sierra Wireless. I have to design application with WS6318 and XM0110. Does WS6813 has support for XM0110, or i must do that in microcontroller level?
Georgi Krachmarov

Hello Georgi,

XM0110 module can be only used wit OPEN AT 2G modules as it is not a stand-alone GPS. For example you can use SL6087 instead. I think you should have put this question to a new topic!