Location plugin AT cmd interface

Hello people, I recently got into OpenAT.
I am trying to fool around with the XM0110. I understand that there is an AT command interface so I downloaded an empty project with the “Location” plugin included into the Q26 CPU.
I thought this would allow me to send AT commands like “AT+GPSINIT=1” over the serial interface, to my openAT application in order to start up the GPS functionality. The CPU responds with “ERROR” on any GPS command.

Is there something that I misunderstood?


You need to include the location plug-in, and then select the GPS_AT_cmd sample in the Sample Selection section when creating the new project. This will give you all the AT commands, they are not included in the plug-in its self.

Don’t forget to start the application (AT+WOPEN=1) after downloading it to the module.

Thank you Tom, that is the answer I needed.

I am trying to rework an OpenAT application for it to work with the XM0110 GPS instead of a third party GPS module. I hope I can easily get it to send NMEA messsages so that I have to change the least possible because this code is a horror ;_;

The code that my company got me working on could as well have been written by the author of this article:

Have fun

There are a couple of things to watch when using the XM0110, mainly to do with stack sizes. This is what I use:

{ Task_GPS_COM,  32768, "GPS_DATA_TASK", 16 },
{ Task_GPS_CORE,  65536, "GPS_CORE", 15 },
{ Task_GPS_AIDING_AEE,  15360, "GPS_AEE", 1 },

If you are using the AT command sample code, getting NMEA strings is as easy as initialising the GPS (AT+GPSINIT=1), Configure the NMEA string (AT+GPSNMEA=1,1,FFFF) and start the GPS (AT+GPSSTART). Assuing you have everything wired up correctly, you should start receiving stanard NMEA strings (Described in the Location Plug-in AT command docs.