Open AT sample code gives error in GPSSTART

Hello people,
I recently got into OpenAT.
i am using

. I understand that there is an AT command interface so I downloaded simple sample application given in the sample.
but for that i got the response as

I haven’t done any changes in the sample code.
but i tried the gps atcommands through hyper terminal i got the proper response and also i received NMEA strings.
can you explain how do fix this error? PFA

Thanks in advance

Hi, what’s the exact problem you faced?

From the log attached, the only issue found is:

Which was caused +WOPEN feature is not yet enabled, and issue gone after you sent “AT+WOPEN=1”.

However, no fix was obtained in the log. This maybe caused by GPS signal is not good enough or it needs more time.



sorry, i am new one to this,
The attached log is obtained by manually start the GPS by use the command

My exact need is how to start GPS through OpenAT.
For starting GPS through OpenAT i have downloaded simple sample application given in the library.
After downloaded that dwl file i started the application at+wopen=1

that time only i received the following error


Also can you tell me how to send GPSAT command?
I tried like follow

s8Return = adl_atCmdSend( "AT+CCLK?",
                                 ( adl_atRspHandler_t ) ATCmdSend_Response_Handler,
                                 NULL );
ATCmdSend_Response_Handler ( adl_atResponse_t *paras )
    TRACE( ( APPLI_AT_CMD_TRACE_LEVEL, "ATCmdSend_Response_Handler: Response handled" ) );
    TRACE( ( APPLI_AT_CMD_TRACE_LEVEL, paras->StrData ) );

    /*adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE ( ADL_AT_UART1,
                                                    ADL_AT_UNS ),
                                 "\r\n\ paras->StrData r\n" );*/
    adl_atSendResponsePort ( ADL_AT_UNS, ADL_PORT_NONE, paras->StrData );

    /* The response does not need to be forwarded to the Sierra Wireless stack */
    return FALSE;

but for this received ERROR response only. So can you guide me is there anyway send GPSAT command?