SL6087 USB Interface

Dear all,

    I want to use the usb interface of SL6087 . But  I met some question.

    The host PC: Windows 7 64 bit .
    When I plug the usb connector to PC.Windows told me that "Unkown Device".it  have not install driver this time.and i check the hardward id. it is null.  i tested it under windows xp 32bit. it is same.

    the  SL6087 's firmware:
    I have already check:
     1:VPAD_USB :3.3V .
     2:VBAT: 3.8V
     3: SL6087 works well by com port.
     4: USB port is enabled.

    Please tell me how can i check more.very thanks!

Have you tried installing the driver? It is available on

Not sure why you found hardware id is null… the default PID and VID should be:

idVendor: 0x114F
idProduct: 0x1234

However, it is configurable using +WUSB command.

For USB driver, it is available at
It works with default PID and VID, you may need to modify it.

NULL hardware id is usually a sign that the communication is broken.

Might be the cable that is being used, might be faulty USB filter, or something else.