SL6087 Linux driver codes

Where can I find the driver codes for SL6087 on Linux/Android?

Did you check the Sierra Wireless website?
I guess you can get in touch with your distributor regarding this.


My customer use the linux in ARM, kernel version: 2.6.21, the USB drvier version is 1.7.36; when the module connected to the device using USB, it can appear some trace information from the device. but use “ls” command, it can’t mount the USB device. anyone can give some suggestion?


SL6087 use standard CDC/ACM such that any standard CDC/ACM driver, even the built-in, should works.
You can first try using Ubuntu PC, the USB should enumerated as /dev/ttyACM0.

One thing, the USB interface was not enabled by default, you may have to check or enable it using: