SIM and Except RTX: task ASE

I got a SIM that generate : ’Except RTX: task ASE, heap memory corruption of 0x1803F270, caller = 0x1a85’ at startup.
The sim is OK on phone or smartphone.
I am using SL6087 with “FW”,“FW_752_34_3.SL6087G”,“R7.52.0.201306260837.SL6087”.
Any ideas?


Do you mean the exception occurs when you insert your sim?

The exception description indicates that it’s a heap issue. What are you storing in the heap? And are you sure you are handling the release of memory carefully?
To try replicate this exception, I did a quick test using this firmware and using mallocs. I managed to by trying to free memory that has already been released. IE. There is nothing to free

Hope that helps

Please test using older FW, e.g. R7.46 or R7.45, maybe a regression.

I can’t use FW, R7.46 or R7.45, I must use 7.52.