RTK Exception

Hi all,

My program sometime generates a RTK Exception 151. Does any one know what it means?

Except RTK 151 c 22
Except RTK 151 1 24

Where can I find documents on the descriptions and causes of RTK Exceptions?



Did you found any information about RTK exceptions. I have some problem with that to. Could you give me any link or hint where to look?


Hi again !

In the wavecom FAQ :

wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … n=listFaqs

But RTK 151 error is an out of memory error !

From wavecom faq :

What is the meaning and cause of receiving exception “RTK 151”?

The exception RTK 151 stands for “RTK out of memory”. This indicates that some invalid memory related operations (like allocating a huge chunk of memory and not releasing the memory) are being done from inside the application. Other reason for receiving this error could that a lot of processing is done from inside the Data handler (like TCP Data handler) which is not returning control back and is utilizing large chunks of memory. This starves the ADL library from the memory it requires for its internal processing which leads to this error.

Hi colin-tfe,

Thanks for information, i will try to search in there, and for similar pages. I hope i will find any clue.
Actualy i get RTK 130 just right when i press start button on “Remote task monitor” , original message is “RTK exception: status: 130 param:55 taskid:0”, and just after that i get this one: “FATAL ERROR:buffer:except RTK …%d %x %d”. Could it be related to the TCP/IP to? My module puts some garbage in to termial while it is starting, and i cant, figure out how to get rid of it, but it could be the sign of some problem, that i dont know yet. For some reazon my program some times dont receves any events about SIM initiation proces when it subscribes with adl_simSubscribe. It is strange, becouse i know that sim, pin and networks are ok. I’m working with module Q2501B, Open at v 3.10. Any kind of information are welcome :slight_smile:.