Except RTK 182 error

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Does anybody know what ‘Except RTK 182’ error means? I can find RTK error documentation for other errors, but not for this one.

This error happens occasionally when I am writing to flash and then perform an adl_memRelease. The flash writing is always successful, but the error only occurs sometimes when releasing memory.



RTK EXCEPTION 182 means “RTK_EXCEPT_LINK_HEAP_NULL” which further means “Link Counter Null” …
For Example say you receive “Except RTK …182 18064309 29” , the first parameter 182, which is an exception identifier, indicates that the link counter is null. Link counter is a reference counting value used while allocating the heap memory. The third parameter 29 (Task Identifier) is the Open AT® application’s task identifier. This is pointing to one of the many tasks declared in the Open AT application. This indicates that the exception is generated from the Open AT® application… so may be you need to look in the application regarding the problem. …

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Where did you find that information?

  • It’s not in the ADL User Guide (not in v6.21, at least);
  • It’s not mentioned in a search of the FAQs: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … searchFaqs
  • It’s not mentioned in the Wavecom site search;
  • The only mention in a Forum search is this thread!

And where did you find that further information - and all the other detailed stuff?

This is all stuff that really should be clearly documented and easily accessible! :angry:
See: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=2027&p=7568&hilit=exceptions#p7568


I know this information should be easily accesible… :frowning: … actually i had a similar problem and i had raised a request to Wavecom support team through my distributor… The support team had provided me with this information… Since RTK exceptions normally deal with invalid memory access mostly or memory leaks hence they said it would be better if these things are handled by them… but i think some documents on RTK are in circulation and would be with the distributors for sure… even if they dont have , they are the best people who can gain access to the RTK documents through wavecom and then provide the same to us… :blush:

I don’t think I agree with that but, if that is their policy, then it needs to be clearly stated, and there needs to be a clearly defined route to get such issues quickly resolved!

correct… :wink: but isn’t there a route already in place…??? I thought distributors knew that… we tell our issues to our distributors and if he is unable to solve, he then raises the same issue with the Wavecom supoort team who after working on that issue provide us with the result… i thought everybody knew about the process to raise issues with the support team… :blush:

But I think it needs to be clearly documented that the information is deliberately not provided in customer documentation - so that customers don’t waste time trying to find it!

Like this guy, for instance: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4423&p=17747#p17742