Except RTK codes?


Hi, all

Are “Except RTK xxx” codes documented anywhere?

Currently I am getting;
Except RTK …94 4302 30

Any ideas what it means?






Here is the definition for RTK exception 94 (this is all the information I have at this time):

#define RTK_EXCPT_CLEAR_TIMER 94 ///<Internal error: Unable to clear an expired timer

I am also randomly getting this exception. The last number (30 in your case), indicates the task ID. The number of system tasks depends on the firmware version. For example, firmware version 7.47 contains 30 tasks. I think in your case you are using an older firmware version with fewer tasks, so task 30 is most likely your first application task. I don’t know what the second number means.


It really is about time this was properly documented!





Fully agree!!!


I have just noticed that there is a list of RTK exception codes in the “WCPU Debugging Tools” Application Note, 4111816-1.0, dated February 22, 2012

It just gives a very brief, single sentence “description” for each code, and no descrition of what any parameters may mean - but it’s a start…