How to determine RTK exception from number

When my device runs it eventually gives an excpetion RTK 133 59 32 in the trace. What does this mean? How do I convert these digits into something meaningful?


In general RTK
exception will have the following format

“Except RTK …%d %x %d”

First parameter - Exception identifier in decimal value
Second parameter- Parameter returned in hexadecimal value depends on the
Third parameter- Task identifier in decimal value

How to make sense out of the numbers is a different story – Sierra Wireless never released list of all RTK error codes. Personally, I did not see Error 133 yet.


Here is a list of RTK Exceptions. Don’t ask me where it is from or how accurate it is!
RTK_Exception_Errors.pdf (65.8 KB)

This has been requested very many times over very many years - is there a “Tracker” on it yet… :question: