Cme error: 13


I have a application with the module Q2682RD and some times I receive the error CME ERROR 13. The SIM it’s in place, the modem it’s registered in the network and I read the phone numbers in the phone book of the SIM. The error appears randomly. I’m not using the starter kit from Sierra Wireless, but I’m using a self designed PCB with only 2 layers. Can this problem be caused by noise from the GSM line?

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CME ERROR : 13 refers to SIM failure.Does this error is received without the application running inside the module?What is the use case of the application?

Can you please capture the following trace levels when +CME ERROR :13 is received :

a. ATI :1,2,4,5, and 26
b. L3MM level 3,4
c. L3RR level 3,4
d. L3CC level 3,4
e. SIM l:1 to 16
f. ADL : 1-32


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Thank you for your answer.

The error was first detected with the application running, but since it’s a network/sim error, and to discard a application bug, we stop the application and since that all the tests were done whit the application stoped.
The application it’s a emergency phone.

For the question of the logs, it’s the first time that I ear talk about those level traces. Until now I only use the ADL level traces. In my developer studio (2.2.1), I can’t find those level traces, for that I send the profiles:
Mobile unable to preform network GSM and/or GPRS attach
Voice call
SIM interface

It’s this the same, or do you need something else?

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TRACES-COM30-20121211-131433.csv (434 KB)


The traces which you have sent are not complete.Some trace levels are missing.Without comlete traces uit is very difficult to analyze the cause.

Level 3 traces for L3MM,L3RR and L3CC are missing.SIM level traces are also not complete.

Please capture the traces properly from the intialization of the SIM.

To capture the L3RR:3,L3MM:3 and L3CC:3 traces.

  1. Enable(Tick) the above mentioned level 3 traces .

  2. Enable remote trace filter .It can be done by going to the Remote traces tab of Trace configuration and check the box to use firmware package. Include the remote trace file(in csv format).(Browse for the file named as “remtrace.csv”.This file is present in swift folder of firmware package)

For DS2.2.1 and above,Go to “Advanced” tab of trace configuration and check the box to use firmware package. Include the remote trace file.

Please refer to teh attached document for enabling remote traces.
remoteTraces.docx (87.5 KB)