Cme error : 13


On my Q2687RD/Q2687G from time to time (e.g. once or twice per week) I receive CME ERROR: 13 (SIM FAILURE). All I can do then is a full reset (AT+CFUN=1), otherwise the device just sits there with no network attached. Looking at my logs I can say that there are no interesting events before this CME error. I’m not sure if I received any “not registered” or “searching for network” indicators after this error. Anyway, the device never registers successfully afterwards unless I reset it.

Has anyone seen errors like these? Any solutions?

If the SIM has failed, it obviously makes sense that the unit will not attach to the network!

Is the SIM holder secure and in good condition?

Is the SIM in good condition?

Yep, I’ve seen that on serveral SIM cards (but the same operator) on various devices. I will do some stress tests with the SIM holder but I don’t think this is the cause of my problems as we’ve used the same design for a few months now. It makes me think that the recent firmware might be the cause.

I was actually “hoping” sommeone has seen this problem before… :wink:

Yep, we have struggling to overcome this same problem in Q26ex001 running F/W REV 7.44.0 we have been supplied with (250+ units). No reliable solution so far. AT+CFUN=1 works, but we are trying to avoid using it as our app will restart as well.

Yep, here also. It also seems to us to be linked to newer firmware version. Additional issue that sometimes occurs is failure to do a SIM full init or register to network after reset with AT+CFUN=1. Do you experience this additional issues also?

Hmm, not sure, but I’ve seen w “Network registration denied” (value 3 in +CREG response) response after a reset issued by me inside the software (AT+CFUN=1). Is this what you are referring to?

No not really, we have a situation where every once in a while module goes into some weird state where after reset module can’t do SIM FULL INIT (event never comes), and also CREG response doesn’t change, it stays at 0. This is not an issue of not reading correctly the CREG state, as I can clearly see that LED is not blinking which indicates that the module is not registered to network. It can last a few hours or days, and can go back to normal by itself. Also, it seems that hardware restart (plug-unplug) helps.
Well, similarity with this topic is that this weird state sometimes begins with CME error - SIM failure.
It happens in about 0.5% of our units.

yes I have this problem with Q64s at times and do not want to do a full reset with cfun=1.
The only solution I have found is;
at+cfun=4 to kill the phone
at+cfun=1,0 to restart without a reset and it re-reads the SIM card

I also have this problem with my phones at times.

Sometimes, re-selecting the networks helps;
Sometimes I have to power-cycle;
Sometimes I have to remove the battery to remove & replace the SIM.

Dear All,
yes I am also facing same issue. it is with my VTS device. it is mostly happening in Roaming. it never comes back. we need to remove power and need to put it back. we need solution badly.

We should find a common denominator.
Are you using any custom developed hardware extensions?
Does it happen with only one type of SIM cards (operator or voltage level type)?
In which kind of environment is your module installed?

Yes but you are sarcastically refering to your phone, and this devices, as a industrial level modules, should be more robust, as my supplier pointed out to me when I made comparison between Fastrack and mobile phone.

Hi all.

Can clear|set SIMPRES line be helpful? Has anyone produced such an experiment?

Hi all,

Following is my experience which could be helpful for someone.

I am using SL6087 on custom hardware & Sierra wireless firwmare 7.46.
I designed hardware & wired SIM-PRESENT pin to SIM holder switch hoping that switch will get closed on SIM insertion but that did not happen (holder ended up without supporintg this functionality) so I hardwired SIM-PRESENT signal to 1.8V and that worked fine.
From documentation & some posts on this forum, I though I could use “AT+WFM=0,7” to disable SIM-PRESENT feature and so avoid the hard wiring rework on all the boards.
So, I disconnected SIM-PRESENT from 1.8V, issued “AT+WFM=0,7” but I then I started getting CME Error +13 which means “SIM CARD failure”.
I then decided to fall back - Reconnected 1.8V with SIM-PRESENT but was again seeing CME Error +13.
I then issued “AT+WFM=1,7” to re-enable SIM-PRESENT feature and that resoved the problem (no more CME ERROR +13).

I didn’t get a chance to check why/how this happened but thought it will be useful to share in this forum.


Hello. I’m having the same issue, and i’m using 7.46 too. That happens no matter the operator.
Sometimes it works fine several days and suddenly it fails, or just when the module is plugged and is going to register to the cellular network… here we go ERROR 13

just to share what i´ve just stumbled upon…
when this happens while you are using HTTP, your eventhandler of the bearer gets called with a “WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED” event.

As already noted, if the SIM fails, the GSM Registration will be lost; ie, the Bearer will be lost - so this event is to be extected. 8)

This would not be specific to HTTP - it should be the same for any use of WIP.

Not entirely.

The thing is, the SIM itself is a microcontroller running its own software - and, possibly, applications from the SIM provider. Therefore, it is possible for the SIM itself to “crash” or “hang” - which could give rise to this kind of thing…

One thing to check would be whether it is more or less frequent with any particular SIM(s)…

Plus, of course, the SIM interface relies upon mechanical contact - which is a further source of problems beyond the module’s control.
(unless you’re using an InSIM, of course)