Sierra RV50 Password AT Command


I am trying to use AT Commands via telnet/ssh, to set my device password.

The manual for Airlink RV50 on page 494 lists “\ACEPW” as the command to use.

However trying to issue a command “AT\ACEPW=password123” it always returns ERROR.

Occasionally (~1 in 20 times) it might return OK, then it lags and times out. I am making sure my passwords are between 8-32 char.

Any advice on how to remedy?



I’m having the same issue with an Airlink MP70. Any solution to this?


Updating from 4.9 to 4.12 fixed my issue

Could you post the command which works? I am running 4.13 and still have no success.

nevermind i had the wrong slash. it works on 4.13