Bash script to automate AT commands for RV50

I have been trying to retrieve cellular signal strength/quality data programmatically from an RV50 via AT commands for integration into a historian database.

I am able to send queries/commands via PuTTY SSH sessions or manually initiated OpenSSH sessions from the command line with no problems. However, when I write a batch script (or bash script in Linux) to automatically initiate an SSH session and execute commands, the SSH session opens successfully, but the AT commands within the script are not recognized. I am guessing this is a syntax issue. I have read Appendix D of ALEOS user guide and am indeed using the documented commands (they are working in manually initiated SSH sessions). I have reached out to our local distributor who referred me to someone at Sierra Wireless, only to have them refer me back to Appendix D of the ALEOS user guide.

If anyone has an example script that they could share where AT commands are successfully being passed to an RV50, it would be much appreciated.

Hey tonic1717, just saw I missed a message from you on this subject a couple of months ago. Not sure if you’re still in need of this.

I’m not using a PC for interface, but a PLC.

Using my PLC, I’m sending the string “AT*LTESRP?” followed by a (hex 0D, ascii 13). I capture the incoming stream, discard the first 15 bytes and then grab the 4-bytes that contain the two ascii characters representing LTE signal strength.


Will -

Thank you very much for the reply. I ended up using a curl command to scrape content from the xml page the RV50 automatically refreshes. This proved to be much simpler in the end.