bash script to automate AT commands

I have an linux box with network access to a GX440

I want to create a script which will, using the ssh command, execute a series of AT commands on the GX440.

I’m able to manually log in via the ssh command, and enter AT commands. The ssh command allows the username to be specified, but the password needs to be manually typed (this is a security limitation). In order for the authentication process to be automated via script, I understand that plaintext passwords can not be used and that a key exchange is necessary (can be done using the -i parameter with the ssh command)

I see a “Make SSH keys” button in ACE Manager, but no obvious way to retrieve generated keys. Is there a way to accomplish what I’m after?



Hi Dave,

Please contact your reseller for further assistance. If you do not know who your reseller is, or they could not provide you the proper support you’re looking for, please create a ticket with us here:


This “contact your reseller” bullcrap is getting old and this is my first day of ownership. I’m tempted to return this and just put a USB 4G dongle into a Raspberry Pi.