AirLink MP70 - Setting firmware&configuration via script through AT Commands


Hi there,

My company installs the MP70 in our robots. Currently we manually manage these via the local administration through the browser (SSH into ubuntu computer connected to Airlink via ethernet). I am looking for a guide or assistance in connecting to the unit (I’ve been trying to use PuTTY through usb -> rs232). Am I on the right track? So far I have been unable to connect to the device to send AT Commands. I do not know what I am missing. The goal here is to automatically flash a firmware file, upload the new configuration file, and reboot the unit, all via one script. With future plans to be able to do this to multiple units at a time to pre-configure them for production assembly.

I appreciate your assistance in advance.


Not all configuration settings have a corresponding AT command, and I do not know of anyway to upload a firmware via cli. If you want CLI access to the Airlink from the LAN side, simply use an open ethernet port and then putty to the modems gateway IP, default is, like wise if you are using the usb port the default gateway IP should be I believe out of the box they may be set for telnet, possibly ssh on newer firmwares. To really do what you are asking would be to use the ALMS/Air Vantage cloud service, which allows you to manage devices en masse and push firmware updates / config changes / issue reboots / etc, as well as a bunch of other useful monitoring tools and abilities. You should speak to your hardware supplier about ALMS.


You can get free and unlimited access to ALMS for up to 15 devices.

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