AirLink LX60 - Remote configuration update and security

Hi all,

We use a AirLink LX60 and plan to update its configuration remotely through a template file stored on a FTP server.
To do that, we are going to use the AT *TPLUPDATE command to tell the AirLink to get the file from the FTP server.

As point out in the software configuration user guide, our server will be configured in passive mode. It will provide a specific “read only” user for the AirLink.

Maybe I missed something but, for security reason, is there a way to use one of both SFTP or FTPS protocols rather than a basic FTP communication which seems to be the only one supported by the gateway?
If no, do you have any workaround to achieve this goal?


Hi @b.gauthey

No, there isn’t. It only supports FTP protocol.

No, I don’t.

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