FTP protocol with AirLink

We use the AirLink Rv50 modem to connect to our roadside electronics.
We manage to connect and communicate with our electronics in TCP.
However, as soon as we start the download of a file on the FTP server of our electronics the connection is cut (probably by the modem).
The message returned by the software trying to download via the modem is as follows: “The underlying connection has been closed: The server has committed a protocol violation”.

Can you tell me if the FTP protocol is well supported by this modem and if so how to implement it ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi nicolas,
You can develop AFF application to download/upload file from FTP server.
socket.ftp is supported for FTP protocol. You can use as example http://w3.impa.br/~diego/software/luasocket/ftp.html

Beside that, you can upgrade/apply template/install application from FTP server, details at page 452-453 of document 41113126_ALEOS 4.12.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV55_r2.pdf
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