RV50x Large Data Transfer

I am looking at passing ~8Meg data files created with an embedded controller through the RV50x. In the past, we have used cell modems with UBlox and Telit chipsets that provide extended AT commands to perform ftp file transfers. Data is passed in binary format over a UART serial interface (TTL, RS232, RS422, etc.). Reviewing the RV50x documentation there are no extended AT commands to perform ftp but there are some ALEOS functions that support ftp but I do not see how to move this type of data into the modem for access to the ALEOS. Has anyone implemented anything similar and indicate if this is possible? If so, provide what the general concept would be? Our general process for other cell modems is:

  1. Establish cell services
  2. perform AT#FTPOPEN ftpserver and credentials
  3. Peform AT#FTPPUT filenameToCreate
  4. Stream file data
  5. Exit PUT (+++ or something similar)
  6. close cell connection


Hi lighthousegriffin,

RV50x supports ALEOS Application Framework (AFF). AFF allows you to create your own application that runs inside the gateway by using the Lua language. AFF also provides FTP API you can refer here:


If you are not familiar with programming in Lua language, you can switch to the HL series which support the FTP AT commands