Device API Accessible from AAF c++ application

Hi there,

Our embedded software team are currently investigating adding the RV55 to our lineup of gateway devices. We currently support two other Linux based devices where we have root access and treat devices as basically Linux computers that run our application.

We are able to currently build our c++ application for the RV55 and upload to the device via the AceManager Applications tab.

So, the questions:

What is the best approach to access the GPS NMEA feed?

How can we read the hardware serial number from within the c++ application? (We can parse it from the ALEOS_config file in the filesystem, but hoping for a more documented approach)

Is there an API for configuring various parts of the device ? the network interfaces for example.


Hi kernels,

I surprise that you’re able to go through this with c++ application. But RV55 is not a programable Gateway, it’s limited by ALEOS Application Framework (AAF). AFF only provides Lua APIs and it seems like these APIs don’t meet your requirements.

You should refer FX30 device which is programable gateway and integrates Legato Application Framework.


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@jerdung Thank you very much for the response and advice, yes, it looks like the FX30 would be more similar to our existing devices. Unfortunately it appears with the FX30 you can have either RS232 or Ethernet, but not both on one device ?

Hi kernels,

FX30/FX30S support IoT Expansion Card. So you can have both on one device.