FTP with an SL5011


can someone provide a guideline or an example how to send files with FTP using the SL5011 modem ?

The modem does not have WIP or anything similar.

We have a microcontroller attached to it.


Hi pratos,

Yes, there are no WIP on SL5011 but PAD (EMCONNECT).
Please refer to AT cmd guide: http://developer.sierrawireless.com/Resources/Resources/AirPrime/Software/AirPrime_SL5011_AT_Commands_Interface_Guide.aspx

However, only three type of connection was supported, UDP client, TCP client/server.
FTP access should be possible via the TCP client support, but I haven’t test it.

But using TCP directly could be more simple in this case.

Hope it helps.


Using HTTP get or post to transfer data is much more straightforward than using FTP.

Once you can create a single TCP socket connection, you can do a HTTP transfer as it’s only lines of ascii text.

Or you could roll your own protocol over TCP against your own server…

ciao, Dave


thanks for your replies.

Does anyone know where can we find the “EMConnect Guide (document number: 2131177)” which is stated in the SL5011 manual in refrence to tcp comms.

Its nowhere to be found at Sierra’s documentation and neither in the support ftp we have access to.


Hi All,

concluding our research the SL5011 does not have FTP functions.

It has only tcp socket capability. To use FTP you would need an FTP stack at your MCU.

In order to utilise data functionality you need the “EMConnect Guide (document number: 2131177)” manual which describes the tcp connection commands. The standard manual is basic.

This manual can only be received from your FAE.